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Netflow vs. HDR

Attacks have become more sophisticated and elusive, using the network to get in, and exfiltrate data out. Network breaches are not a matter of if, but when – and when a breach does occur, network forensics is critical to identifying and investigating the threat.

High-Definition Records (HDRs) are the answer to a lack of total network visibility in today’s enterprise networks. HDRs provide unprecedented detail about network sessions because they represent what is happening on the network at the transaction level, flow level and session level.

Download the white paper NetFlow vs. HDR to learn how HDR’s are needed for your network. 

Unlike traditional network forensics tools (NetFlow), HDRs provide: 

  • Unprecedented detail about network sessions, representing more than NetFlow

  • Detection and reporting of obfuscated protocols, like Tor

  • Enriched visibility into user, device and host identity, as well as geolocation


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What's the Difference in Our Records?